Because of secret deal: Holmes & Foxx are only now out

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Because of secret deal: Holmes & Foxx are only now out
Already since 2013 are rumored rumors, according to Hollywood-heart Katie Holmes (38) and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx (49) fond of each other. The two however confirmed so far no techtelmechtel and also one could see the two never together.

No more hiding

It was only for a few weeks that the two of them were tired of the extremely successful hide-and-seek. More and more Foxx was seen on the Holmes property in Los Angeles. Jamie has also been touring with her daughter Suri (11) several times and now is the official confirmation:

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The secret couple has been “shooting down” by photographers. While walking in Malibu, they did not even think of hiding from the paparazzi. They whispered to each other in a relaxed and familiar manner, they stuck their feet into the sea and kept their hands.

Deal with Tom Cruise

The Daily Mail believes, however, to know why love has been kept secret for so long. Katie and Tom Cruise (55) had agreed to a deal that says that after the separation, she is not allowed to make a new relationship public for five years.

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