New Miss America has a clear announcement to Trump

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Atlantic City – The United States has a new Miss America: Cara Mund from North Dakota competed in the competition on Sunday evening (local time) against 51 other participants in Atlantic City. The 23-year-old got a crown from her predecessor and was close to tears when she took her new role. She is the first female participant from North Dakota to win the competition.

New Miss America has a clear announcement to Trump

Miss America wants to become governor

Before her victory, Mund had won several rounds. These included answering questions and presenting a swimsuit. At a questionnaire, she said that the decision by US President Donald Trump to take the country out of the international climate protection agreement is wrong. “There is evidence that climate change exists,” Mund said.

In an interview with the news agency AP, she said before the competition that she was the first woman to become Governor of North Dakota. It is important to have more women at all levels of the government. “In the field of health care and family planning, men are the ones who make the decision,” said Mund, who already worked as an intern in the US Senate.

In Instagram, she thanked the audience after the coronation. It was a “great honor” and “a great joy.”