Kim Kardashian climbs on a tree for art book

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Kardashian is not on the black and white recording. She has a few hiking boots. Without this, the trip into the tree crowns might also be difficult. However, what the social media queen has driven naked into the tops of the nights at night is also making their fans ponder. “Girl, where are you going?” Asks a follower. Others simply comment “Why?”

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Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott obviously had the idea. They photographed Kardashian for her act and “Nightbird”, which appeared on Thursday. The reality star himself writes to the pre-post picture of Instagram that she was “so honored to be screened by Mert and Marcus for her book.”

Now, of course, art can not be argued. Perhaps the photographers had to face Kardashian’s flood of nude pictures in the net for an original motif also just deep into the trick box.

The comments on the net are divided in any case. A user scoffs at Kardashian’s distant view: “She’s probably looking for her clothes.” In addition to the questionable motive, Kardashian also gets a lot of criticism for the publication of the nude picture. According to the devastating effects of Hurricane “Harvey” celebrities should hold something out of respect for the victims, is the accusation of some users.

In fact, the fate of the Flutopfer does not leave the reality star cold. Kardashian donated $ 500,000 to those affected. She also wrote a statement on Donald Trumps’ removal of the protection program for young immigrants: On Twitter, she wrote immediately after the post of the nudes “I stand with the Dreamers …”.

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“Dreamer” is the name of the approximately 800,000 children of illegal immigrants in the US whose protection status US President Trump now tipped.

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