Kangana’s sister, Rangoli Chandel, has accused Sona Mahapatra

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Kangana Ranaut’s interview with Rajat Sharma is a topic of discussion these days. In this interview, Kangna spoke openly about Hrithik Roshan’s relation, which caused many Bollywood stars to get annoyed. Just a few days ago Singer Sona Mahapatra wrote an open letter expressing regret over these statements of Kangana.

Kangana's sister, Rangoli Chandel, has accused Sona Mahapatra

Though Kangana did not give any reply to this letter, but in her defense, her Rangoli Chandel jumped. Rangoli told Sona on Twitter Rangoli wrote in her tweet post saying, “People like you try to get publicity in every possible place, try so much because this kind of publicity will be just a few minutes.”

Sona joked about Kangana’s interview in her open letter as a circus. But now when Rangoli took them with a hand, she said, “I am sorry that you have hurt my talk. She was just an Opinion Grind. I respect Kangana from the beginning.”

Open Letter of Sona Mahapatra:

Rangoli told Sona that she is a scar on the woman’s name. Rangoli wrote this post in her next Tweets.

However, when a fan, during the ongoing debate between Sona and Rangoli, asked Sona, “If you talk about equality, then you should have been angry even when Hrithik had called Kangna good by promotions strategy.”

On this, Sona clarified, “I was still standing in support of Kangna when that silly Suman had nodded about Kangana. I have also collaborated with publicly on Kangna, on Nampotism. ”