‘I and Kangna were like husbands and wife’, Aditya Pancholi made such disclosures

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Mumbai. Kangana Ranaut recently said during an interview that Aditya Pancholi of his father’s age was imprisoned in his house. To save herself, she jumped down from the window of the first floor. Not only that, Kangana also said that she had asked for help from Aditya’s wife, Zarina, about this. But she refused to do so. When no road left, she went to the police. On this statement of Kangana, Aditya has called him a lunatic and has taken legal action against him. By the way, even before this, Aditya has spoken openly against Kangna.

'I and Kangna were like husbands and wife', Aditya Pancholi made such disclosures

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In an interview given to the Mumbai Mirror in 2008, Aditya had said, “We used to live as husband and wife, I was also making a house on Yari road to living together. We’re together.”

This was the first meeting

In the interview, Aditya recalled his first meeting with Kangna, “When she got me, she did not have a single penny. I first saw him on Yari road, she was very nervous and broken. It is a matter of June 27, 2004. She was sitting on a bike along with a boy from Asha Chandra Acting Institute, suddenly she approached me and said ‘Hi’, as soon as she said that she is Kangana, I remembered a friend., Who used to Mumbai After reaching her (Kangana) asked to help, Kangana continued to call me till I was ready to meet him, in the beginning, she was a very simple and sweet town girl, So I fell in love with her.”

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