10 Special Things: Know Why Celebrate Hindi Day

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Hindi Day is celebrated every year on September 14. On this day across the country, programs are organized and encouraged to promote Hindi. Apart from this, World Hindi Day is also celebrated on 10th January. Let us know why Hindi day is celebrated and certain things related to it.

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1. On September 14, 1949, the Constituent Assembly decided by one vote that Hindi is the official language of India. Due to this important decision, since 1953, the whole of India is celebrated on 14th September every year as Hindi Day.

2. Hindi is the fourth place in spoken world languages. The words of English on the Hindi language have also had a great effect and many words have been removed from the prevalence and the word of English has taken their place.

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3. Official Language Week or Hindi Week is celebrated on September 14th for one week from Hindi Day. Different competition is organized this week. Hindi Pakkhwara starts from September 14 and starts till 30 September.

4. World Hindi Day is celebrated on 10th January. It started in Nagpur from Maharashtra in 1975. In 2006 it got official status and global recognition.

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5. The most spoken language in India is Hindi. 77% of our people write, read, speak and understand Hindi. Hindi is also part of their work.

6. The special feature of Hindi is that in the manner in which the word is pronounced, it is also written in the script.

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7. The word Hindi originally originated from Persian. The word that came from Sindhi civilization is a dislike of Sindh which has become Hindand in time.

8. The English language dominates Hindi, but interestingly it is that the number of characters included in the Roman script of English is 26, whereas the Hindi alphabet of Devanagari script has twice the number of characters ie 52.

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9. Amir Khusro was the first person who wrote poetry in Hindi. Poetry based on the history of Hindi language was first made by a French author. This composition was named ‘Grasin the Tusi’. There are about 175 universities in the whole world, including 45 universities of America, where they are studying in Hindi.

10. The word hello in Hindi is considered a word that is spoken most often. According to one estimate, one in five people uses the internet in Hindi.