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Rajaram (Rahul Bagga), a small town bank clerk who dreams of travelling to Delhi and becoming a reputed writer. His litterateur aspirations are supported by none except his wife Renu (Tara-Alisha Berry). He leaves his job to become a full-time writer, but cannot find a publisher for his book. One publisher agrees only if he would add sensational elements or masala to his dull tale. He is unable to decode masala until he meets Chacha, an eccentric, old village idiot who shows him the spicier side of life. He adopts the pseudonym of Mastram and churns out his pornographic novel series, which becomes a best selling cake. He gets successful however all credits are attributed to Mastram not Rajaram.


Akhilesh Jaiswal

Kapil Dubey
Rahul Bagga
Tara Alisha
Vinod Nahardih
Istiyak Khan
Akash Dhaiya
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