Horror Story

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Horror Story

Seven friends reunite after several years apart to celebrate one of their friends, who was going abroad in order to pursue his career and fulfill his goals. As the group gathers at a local pub, they learn about an abandoned hotel with a reputation for being haunted. The hotel had originally started out as a mental asylum for the criminally insane, but was almost completely destroyed in a fire, the origin of which has never been fully explained. After years of sitting in neglect, rumors began to circulate that the place was haunted. Despite this, a builder decided to refurbish the ruins into a five star hotel, but was unsuccessful and committed suicide as a result- although rumors state that he was pushed by a ghost of one of the asylum\’s inmates. Intrigued by these rumors, the group decides to explore the abandoned building but soon come across strange and inexplicable occurrences. They initially explain these away as a trick of the mind, but soon they realize that something is very wrong and one of their friends is found dead shortly after. They try to escape, but find this harder to do than they expected.


Ayush Raina

Karan Kundr
Nishant Malkan
Ravish Desa
Hasan Zaid
Aparna Bajpa
Radhika Meno
Nandini Vai
Sheetal Singh
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