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2 States

In the IIM Ahmedabad mess, where Krish, a Punjabi boy from Delhi sees a beautiful girl, Ananya, a Tamilian from Chennai, quarreling with the mess staff about the food. They become instant friends and decide to study together. During this time, they become romantically involved. They both get job placements, and have serious plans for marriage. Initially Krish tries to convince Ananya\’s parents, and at last convinces them by helping Ananya\’s father to do his first PowerPoint Presentation, her brother, Manju, by coaching him for his exams, and her mom by asking her to sing in a concert organised by his workplace. After which, they try to convince Krish\’s mom. But the problem is Krish\’s maternal side of the family are completely against such a union. They say that Krish should not marry a \”Madrasi\” but end up agreeing when Ananya successfully helps one of Krish\’s cousins to get married. The last step they had to go through was to get their families to like and respect each other (after a disastrous first meeting during convocation). That though failed miserably as Krish\’s mother kept making snide remarks which led to Ananya\’s parents walking out. In an effort to keep the situation in hand, Krish tries to soothe his mother\’s anger by lying, during this conversation Ananya and her parents walk back in and overhear it all. Ananya then decides to end the relationship. But, at last, Krish\’s father, who since the start had an antagonistic relationship with his son, helps Krish and Ananya to get married by convincing Ananya\’s family and apologizing for his wife\’s actions. Krish and Ananya get married and it is revealed that he became an author and a father of twin boys.


Abhishek Verman

Arjun Kapoor
Alia Bhatt
Ronit Roy
Amrita Singh
Shiv Kumar Subramania
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